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Cauliflower Colcannon Aip Low Carb Paleo

Cauliflower Colcannon: AIP, Low Carb, and Paleo-Friendly Recipe

Looking for a healthy and delicious side dish that fits into your AIP, low carb, or paleo lifestyle? Cauliflower colcannon is the perfect choice! This nutrient-dense and flavorful dish is a great way to enjoy the comforting flavors of traditional colcannon while staying true to your dietary needs. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of cauliflower colcannon and provide you with an easy-to-follow recipe to try at home.

Benefits of Cauliflower Colcannon

Cauliflower colcannon offers a wide range of benefits for those following specialized diets:

  • AIP-Friendly: The autoimmune protocol (AIP) diet focuses on eliminating potential inflammatory foods to support gut health and reduce autoimmune symptoms. Cauliflower colcannon is AIP-compliant and free from common trigger foods, making it an ideal choice for individuals following this protocol.
  • Low Carb: If you’re watching your carbohydrate intake, cauliflower colcannon is a fantastic alternative to traditional mashed potatoes. Cauliflower is naturally low in carbs, making it a suitable option for anyone on a low-carb diet.
  • Paleo-Friendly: Following a paleo lifestyle means prioritizing whole, unprocessed foods that align with our ancestors’ diets. Cauliflower colcannon fits perfectly into the paleo framework, providing a nutritious and satisfying side dish for paleo enthusiasts.
Cauliflower Colcannon Aip Low Carb Paleo


Easy Cauliflower Colcannon Recipe

Now, let’s dive into the step-by-step process of making your very own cauliflower colcannon at home.


Ingredient Quantity
Cauliflower 1 medium head, chopped into florets
Green onions 4, thinly sliced
Coconut oil 2 tablespoons
Coconut milk 1/4 cup
Garlic powder 1 teaspoon
Sea salt To taste
Black pepper (omit for AIP) To taste


  1. Begin by steaming the cauliflower florets until they are tender.
  2. Once the cauliflower is cooked, transfer it to a large mixing bowl and mash it with a potato masher or fork until it reaches your desired consistency.
  3. In a separate pan, sauté the sliced green onions in coconut oil until they are softened and aromatic.
  4. Add the sautéed green onions, coconut milk, garlic powder, sea salt, and black pepper (if using) to the mashed cauliflower. Mix well to combine all the ingredients.
  5. Adjust the seasoning to taste and serve the cauliflower colcannon hot, garnished with additional green onions if desired.

There you have it – a delectable cauliflower colcannon recipe that’s AIP, low carb, and paleo-friendly. Whether you’re serving it alongside a hearty stew or enjoying it as a standalone dish, this cauliflower colcannon is sure to become a staple in your kitchen.

Next time you’re craving a comforting side dish that aligns with your dietary preferences, give cauliflower colcannon a try. Your taste buds and your body will thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions For Cauliflower Colcannon Aip Low Carb Paleo

What Is Cauliflower Colcannon?

Cauliflower colcannon is a low-carb, paleo-friendly dish that substitutes cauliflower for traditional mashed potatoes.

How Do You Make Cauliflower Colcannon?

To make cauliflower colcannon, simply steam cauliflower, mash it with coconut milk, and mix in sautéed greens and bacon for a nutritious alternative.

What Are The Benefits Of Cauliflower Colcannon?

Cauliflower colcannon offers a lower carb and paleo-friendly option, providing essential nutrients and fiber while maintaining a comforting, savory flavor.

Can Cauliflower Colcannon Be Included In A Low-carb Diet?

Yes, cauliflower colcannon is an excellent addition to a low-carb diet due to its low glycemic index and nutrient-dense ingredients.

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